Margaret Evangeline

An Injured Armory

March 25 - April 25, 2015

STUX + HALLER is pleased to announce An Injured Armory, an exhibition of new works by multi-media artist Margaret Evangeline in her fifth solo exhibition at our gallery.


The works in An Injured Armory propel Evangelineʼs aesthetic into new realms by examining chromatic possibilities of a rich and smooth matte black finish and an iridescent white, applied to her usually bare stainless steel shot “canvasses”. The 5-sided black and white wall works have an unexpected physical interaction with the usual 4-sided canvases because of their sculpturally missing corner. These new shapes, along with the play of light and shadow in these coatings, create a look and feel that is familiar yet brutally alien.


The identities of these works are more particularized; their geometric presences are off-kilter and singularly prepossessing. Evangelineʼs new series introduces a formal dialogue of displacement and mutation that pertains to a change of order from stasis to instability. In doing so, An Injured Armory reflects on conditions of growth, imbalance, variability, and unpredictability that have come to define the beginning of the twenty-first century.


Additionally, the artist will show several recent bullet-marked 24k gold-plated steel canvases. These artworks continue Margaret Evangelineʼs decades-long exploration of injured armor as a power signifier. The artist applies a kind of reverse alchemy to gold so that the field of gold is transformed into a sacred object. The visible signs of a destructive battle are left to remind us that we can go beyond a flawed world of material existence to rise above ordinary human limits through mastery rather than perfection. Here the pure gold that once served as an indicator of excess becomes, in the 21st Century, a force for primal healing.