James Busby


October 18 - November 17, 2007

Stux Gallery is proud to present the third solo exhibition of new works by James Busby. Busby continues his exploration into the intricacies of stylistically minimal and conceptually rich confounding objects.

In this new series, Busby, who lives and works in South Carolina, focuses hisinvestigation into the subtle details of objects that, while seeming one-dimensional at first glance, entertain us with their richness of perception. His belief in the importance of reductive clarity and intense skill is

reinforced by a ritualistic -- if not fetishistic --treatment of surface.

Created by the slow layering and careful polishing of hundreds of layers of white gesso over wood and canvas, Busby's work utilizes subtle changes in hue, line and form to investigate the macro-level properties that arise from complex sculptural paintings. In this exhibition, the artist expands his exploration of materials by incorporating Polycast acrylic, canvas and paper works into his oeuvre. Each object rests in its’ own handmade “valise,” a reference to the Duchampian conceit.

A fully illustrated color catalogue, titled White, will accompany the exhibition. The catalogue includes an interview by Brett Littman, the Director of The Drawing Center in New York, NY