From Head to Toe

June 12 - August 14, 2008

Stux Gallery is pleased to present From Head to Toe, a rotating exhibition connecting artworks that focus on, or
highlight as their subject, the various (and sometimes mysterious) appendages of the human body. Acting as a stand in
for a medical laboratory, the rotation of artworks within the Gallery space will allow the curators to play the part of Dr.

In our consumer society, we are continually exposed to idealized and commercialized body types. In contrast, this
exhibition questions such stereotypes, calling into question the reality of our self-representations. Do such images
conform to an inner truth, or are they merely carefully contrived falsehoods fabricated by the media for commercial
purposes. Through the rotation and juxtaposition of these individual works, what emerges is a monster or golem, which
may (or may not) be greater than the sum of its collective parts.

The featured artists embrace the use of new media technologies in a way that echoes both modern genetic science and
the uncanny effects of the Surrealists. Where an explosion of hybrid media works continues to challenge the social and
cultural pressures exerted on the body, a more organic approach offers the viewer a glimpse of the macabre and