Kuno Gonschior was born in Wanne-Eickel, Germany and lived and worked near Düsseldorf. He passed away in 2010. A former professor of painting at The Kunstacademie in Düsseldorf and Berlin, he was a contemporary of Gerhard Richter and Sigmar Polke. His works have been shown internationally for the past five decades in innumerable group and solo exhibitions and are included in many prominent museums and private collections.


Described as a ‘pointillist abstract expressionist’ and as a ‘radical minimalist’, Gonschior has been examined as a confluence between George Seurat and Mark Rothko, because of a duality of formal similarities and the fact that his works convey both strongly emotive and analytical impulses.


Gonschior’s works are often described as ‘landscapes’ due to his color combinations' effect of an artificial perception of space and light. The individuality of each piece is emphasized by their notable sculptural quality, found in Gonschior’s liberal paint application and his maximization of the subtle beauty of the raw canvas linen itself. Indeed, their physicality has a distinctly sensual edge. Viewers are invited to lose themselves in Gonschior’s ephemeral planes of beautiful, intangible color.