Thordis Adalsteinsdóttir and Anna Jóelsdóttir in "Just Painted II" at Reykjavik Art Museum

In the last few years, there has been a galvanized interest in painting worldwide. The diversity of the work produced is great, with no one direction or tradition taking hold. Iceland is no exception. Artists of all ages, with different styles and approaches, have chosen painting as their medium. Some of this variety is brought together in this exhibition. The intent is to provide a cross section of what is happening in painting in Iceland today. The exhibition occurs in two parts, with Just Painted 1 presented in Hafnarhús (February 6 to April 19, 2015) and Just Painted 2 at Kjarvalsstaðir. Altogether, 200 paintings made by 88 different artists over the last two years are shown. This is the first time that such an extensive overview of Icelandic contemporary painting is presented.